3D ITA Bag


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If you want your friends to go awestruck with your bag, then this 3D heart bag is the absolute best option. Choose one bag from some subtle and holographic color bags and use the 3D heart to display your favorite anime badges.

3D-heart overall size :Length 11.81 in/30cm   Width 2.76 in /7cm Height 10.30 in/27cm

3D-Square overall size:Length 11.81 in/30cm   Width 2.76 in /7cm Height

flat love size:Length 11.81 in/30cm   Width 2.76 in /7cm  Height 10.30 in/27cm

flat square size :Length 11.81 in/30cm   Width 2.76 in /7cm  Height 10.30 in/27cm

Material:PU Leather


Transparent 3D-heart part size:Length 8.27 in/21cm   Width 0.98 in /2.5cm Height 6.69 in/17cm

transparent 3D-square part size :Length 8.27 in/21cm   Width 0.98 in /2.5cm Height 7.09 in/18cm

love transparent part size:Length 8.66 in/22cm Height 7.09 in/18cm

Square transparent part size :Length 8.66 in/22cm Height 7.48 in/19cm


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