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This cute ita backpack can effortlessly elevate your simple school looks. However, it’s also a smash hit for picnics and trips because of its flawless features. From the two transparent outer pockets to the inner compartment with separate slots for mobile and makeup, everything is perfect.

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Material: PU

Size: L*W*H–27*10*31CM

62 reviews for Cute Small Ita Backpacks

  1. C***r (verified owner)

    Shipped pretty quickly and we’re in Canada. The bag looks good and it’s perfect for what’s needed. It does have a pretty bad smell, but otherwise, good!

  2. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  3. C***o (verified owner)

    Very good, like photo ad! Perfect!

  4. D***a (verified owner)

    It is big, quality and good.

  5. F***r (verified owner)

    Very good item! I recommend j’en am really fan

  6. L***o (verified owner)

    fast ship. beautiful bag. not too big. I’m in love thanks

  7. Y***r (verified owner)

    Is really good and agenehm to wear suits Aich really much pure in my opinion

  8. A***a (verified owner)

  9. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

    Perfect, arrived very fastly

  10. H***t (verified owner)

    Very cute. Fabric behind the clear panels feels quite thin so not sure how long it’ll last but for the price it’s good.

  11. T***s (verified owner)

    The bag is (in my opinion) great quality, it uses some sort of plastic faux leather for the backing, the packaging kept it secure. The zippers are very shiny and look good. Haven’t had the chance to use it yet. Zippers zip and unzip easily

  12. S***n (verified owner)

    no insert and weird material has an odd smell, kimda going away tho?

  13. J***f (verified owner)

    Received well before the date set/estimated.
    Nice bag big enough.
    I knew just open to check product (ok, nothing to report). I do l’utiliserai no car this product will for a gift.

  14. l***u (verified owner)

  15. S***o (verified owner)

  16. C***m (verified owner)

    Absolutely obsessed!

  17. C***m (verified owner)

    Absolutely obsessed!

  18. A***f (verified owner)

  19. P***a (verified owner)

    At the top, color faithful to the picture, I am very happy

  20. L***n (verified owner)

    good backpack. Came with few loose threads and does need some airing as the smell is bad, but the quality overall seems good.

  21. S***e (verified owner)

    perfect. arrived fast to canada

  22. F***r (verified owner)

  23. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with it and looks great! it can fit all of my pins and charms in it now and it isn’t too big of a backpack either. It came in so much quicker than it said it was which also was nice.

  24. E***t (verified owner)

    I love it!! As some other people mentioned, the lining fabric feels a bit cheap, so I made little pillows to attach my pins and stuff to!

    Working on turning the bottom pouch into an obitsuroid display!

  25. M***a (verified owner)

  26. A***a (verified owner)

    awesome truly amazing one of a kind feeds my mental state very much thank you for providing me with the base for my horrible actions (yuuki makoto ita bag)

  27. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  28. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  29. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

    It smells a lot of plastic, but I like it, it has some loose threads but nothing serious, they fit things very well and the color equals the image. Shipping was very fast, Mexico arrived in about 2 weeks

  30. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  31. a***r (verified owner)

  32. a***q (verified owner)

    For Ita bag, the fabric is not very good, torn, so, it is better to clip inside the backpack on the other

  33. P***n (verified owner)

    It came before the date marked, I thought it would be medium size but it’s bigger, so I can put a lot of stuff in it, it smells a little plastic but it’s not that it’s perfect for my itabag🖤🖤

  34. Y***a (verified owner)

    Nice backpack! But the fabric on which the badges are hung is very not very. It seems that it should be replaced in the future.

  35. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

    The briefcase is gorgeous. Pretty roomy.😊

  36. C***u (verified owner)

  37. C***o (verified owner)

  38. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  39. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  40. A***c (verified owner)

  41. A***e (verified owner)

    2nd time buying one of these, perfect and good quality like last time! Fast shipping too

  42. g***r (verified owner)

  43. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  44. M***s (verified owner)

    Very good backpack. The material is good and very well done. Thank you.

  45. R***r (verified owner)

    In the picture it seems less than in fact, quietly fit A4, but for me it’s a plus, everyone is happy, expected a smaller

  46. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  47. E***d (verified owner)

  48. Y***u (verified owner)

  49. A***e (verified owner)

    Arrived in time and more than well protected, cute and comfortable, I recommend

  50. P***r (verified owner)

  51. M***o (verified owner)

  52. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  53. P***s (verified owner)

    I’ve bought a couple of itabags before, but this one may be my favorite so far!! it has an unexpectedly nice size both for carrying and displaying! I LOVE how the zippers completely unzip, making it so easy to add inserts, pins or whatever else of your choosing! I like that it has inside compartments as well. The lining is thin, so it is recommended to make your own insert to avoid damaging the bag. By the way, anyone who’s ever bought an itabag before should know that they do NOT come with inserts, you have to make them yourself…. I agree the lining should be thicker though. There’s also a smell, hopefully that will fade over time. Overall nice, not cheap looking bag that was delivered quickly!

  54. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  55. A***h (verified owner)

  56. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

    Came fast for Brazil and super polished, enter basatante thing and has a good size to carry around

  57. B***d (verified owner)

  58. V***a (verified owner)

  59. 4***r (verified owner)

  60. m***m (verified owner)

  61. J***d (verified owner)

    no piping on edges of bag to finish off bag and help prevent fraying or stitches coming undone

  62. И***а (verified owner)


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